Sensory Spaghetti Fun!

This is a great (and easy and cheap) toddler activity! 

I used pasta I already had on hand, but you could easily buy any type of pasta noodles at your grocery store or dollar store. Prepare it just like you were going to eat it. Drain it and pour some oil over the noodles so they don't dry out, and better yet so that they feel nice and slimy!

Add them to a large bowl, tupperware or straight on a table or the floor but I highly recommend using a vinyl tablecloth as this gets a little messy. Especially if you add food coloring, which we didn't. But you certainly can. 

I also added several other sensory items like little toys, toddler utensils, baby links, a toy lizard and bath letters. Anything that toddlers can touch, feel and discover with makes this activity all the more fun! Have a great time!  Hattie xoxo

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