Diaper Box Upcycle

Upcycle (a.k.a Repurposing): the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new products of better quality or of better environmental value.

So we recently had a small party and the weather was just beautiful. Unfortunately we don’t own many outdoor games. I was thinking a bean bag toss game would be fun so I started searching for something to use and came across an empty diaper box.
 (As new parents we just so happen to have a few of these lying around these days.) These boxes are really sturdy and I felt like I could be on to something here!  Plus I've been really into the idea of upcycling lately.
All I did was cut the box in half. Then using a round coaster I traced circles on the top of each half and used an Xacto blade to cut the circles out.  I painted these bright yellow and allowed them to dry. Finally my husband used paint stirrers (you know, the free ones from Home Depot that you get with the purchase of a can of paint) as both a support mechanism and to tilt the boxes.
All that I had to do now was sew 6 bean bags from some existing fabric (3 of one color, and 3 of another color for teams). I just sewed 4x4 squares w/straight lines, adding a little extra room for the seam allowance.
Easy peezy.
We set up our DIY cornhole game in the backyard. It was a lot of fun and
I'm glad we were able to reuse something that would have otherwise just been tossed.

It inspired me to see what else can be made from old diaper boxes. There are lots of great upcycle ideas online. See below for some links to a few other cool ideas.

Happy Crafting! Xoxo Hattie