Hattie's Sew Lovely Greeting Cards

Check out these handmade greeting cards I created today!

With scraps of fabric , a fun zig-zag stich and some rubber stamps I found at Michael's this week (bought with a coupon, of course!) I made some more of these fabulous and simple cards.

The design possibility on these cards are endless! I literally don't have enough time in the day to sit at my machine creating these, but I'm going to try to squeeze in making as many as I can, whenever I can!
Let me know how you like these or if you've made anything similar, please share! I'd love to see!

MAKE IT A GREAT DAY! xoxox Hattie



  1. These are so whimsy! I have made a few homemade cards using my Circut. I have a card project for Valentines day that I will use my sewing machine for. I do love the look!

  2. Oh I just saw this 'love bird' pattern on a card at Target and I am totally going to try it for Valentines Day. It involves fabric in the shape of the birds, and then stitching for the beaks and legs...I hope it comes out! I'll post pics. Can't wait to see yours!